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Melbourne’s Trusted Accounting & Tax Service

Achieve your lifestyle

What are your goals? Do you want to play golf once a week? Grow your business to a stage where you don't need to manage it anymore? Open another store or office? That's Accounting Side by Side's aim: to help you achieve your desired lifestyle.

You know your people, know your product and how to sell it. We're going to let you do what you do best and we'll do what we'll do best, which is helping you to grow to realise your goals. Intrigued? Get in contact!

For All Enquiries Please Call Brett On

0404 062 803

Who is Accounting Side by Side?

My name is Brett Purchase. After having worked in the Public Practice arena for 28 years, including being a partner in a three partner firm employing some 18 staff, I have changed focus now by working with only a few exclusive clients.

Years of Experience

My years of experience have allowed me to gain valuable, experience in just what is needed to help you achieve the aims that most business owners strive for but unfortunately, fail to achieve more often than not.

I restrict my client base to a size that ensures I have the time you need from me to deliver the outcomes you want.

High Quality, Personal Service

My philosophy now is to work with quality clients unlike many practices now who take on any client that walks in the door which invariably leads to them giving you less and less service. At least the type of service which you need and want so desperately.

So get in contact and we can start a conversation about your business!

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How can we help?

Accounting Side by Side has a sole focus of working with small to medium business owners wanting to create a business which allows you, that hard working business man, the freedom to: work less, earn more and enjoy the things that you really want to do more. We are a leading provider of business coaching in Melbourne as well as providing expert accounting and taxation advice.

What should an accountant really do?

Business owners almost invariably think of their accountant as the one who does their tax return once a year.

There is little or no conversation about how to tackle the problems they face within your daily grind to make the business perform better.

Yet there is so much we can do for you to help you, improve your profit, increase your bank balance and help you to really do what you dreamed of doing when you went into business.

Sadly, far too many accountants are stuck in that compliance rut and do not have the time to ask you what you want, let alone, actually help you do it.

So, if you are ready, keen and determined to change the way you do business,
your first step is to click on this link to our TRUST questionnaire,
it will start helping us both get a clear picture of your business and challenges.

Once you do that, we can catch up for a review and get the ball rolling. I look forward to meeting you soon...

So change your thinking, ask your current accountant what else he can do to change your world. Then get in touch with me when you do not get the answers you desire.

Get in contact!

Communication is the key. Fill out the contact form or pick up the phone and let’s chat about how you're going to improve your lifestyle!


I am based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, so if you're Melbourne based -- get in contact!