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Tax Accountant Melbourne

Hello there, thanks for spending a little time check out what we can do for you.

Years of experience tells me that if you are like many small business owners, you probably do not understand tax returns and annual reports all that much, or, you may just not have much interest in them.

And that is totally ok with us.

You trust your accountant to satisfy your obligation to lodge tax returns and manage your tax commitments. After all, that is why you pay us to do this work.

But here is the kicker….

I’ll be willing to guess that you consider your tax work as a cost and not a benefit.

Any accountant could get much the same result and other than the fact that you share your financial soul with your accountant, you may be falling out of love with him/her.

You think you need something more than just tax work done each year.

Perhaps you have started asking yourself if your Accountant can do more to help you solve the frustrations  and/or exploit the many opportunities you have in your business?

Perhaps you are not sure what you should be asking to solve the challenges burning deep in side you but you know that something has to change to make things better.

So, when it comes to what is commonly known as compliance work, I had better tell you that  yes, we can do tax work and annual accounts for all the usual structures you would have.

  • Companies
  • Superannuation Funds
  • Trusts
  • Partnerships
  • Individuals

So please, take it as a given that we can attend to this obligation for you but what I want to do for you is this..

When you come on board and immerse yourself and your business in the Business partners program (shown elsewhere on our website), WE WILL DO YOUR NEXT YEARS COMPLIANCE WORK FOR 50% LESS THAN WHAT YOU PAID YOUR ACCOUNTANT LAST YEAR…

Why would we do this for you? Well, we want to win your business and demonstrate very quickly, why making the change to Accounting Side by Side will be so worthwhile.

Consider it our gift to you for trusting us to unlock the potential of your business.

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