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Business Coaching

Melbourne’s Best Small Business Coaching Service

Image of one of our business coaches helping a clientHello, this next five minutes could have a real impact on you and your business.

If you have taken the time to search for a business coaching specialist, you have either just started a new business and realised you need somebody with the necessary skills to help your business grow.

You have been in business for some time and have finally formed the view that the tax and compliance work your accountant is doing is not helping you address your challenges and helping you make the most of your opportunities.


Now while we want to focus on you, I do need to pause and help you understand why our business coaching team at Accounting Side by Side, are perfectly placed to roll up our sleeves and work with you, Side by Side.

Our team of expert business coaches have been working with small businesses for over 30 years and have seen poor, average and great businesses over that time.

Why do some succeed where others struggle?

The overriding reason in my 30 years of business coaching experience across many different markets is…


You see, the fundamentals of business growth are the same, it is just a matter of adapting them to your industry and circumstances.

If the key decision makers have the right attitude to develop, manage and grow a successful business, it will happen!

You just need the right business coach to support you along the way as well as having a clear defined business strategy

The key to your success is to map out a plan that works for you and ensure we as a team of coaches work for you at ensuring we keep focussed on your goals.

Accounting Side by Side, is not, and will not be a business that grows based on volume taking on more and more clients.

Business owners are delighted with our support rather than volume where we barely have time to look up before the next job arrives is our philosophy.

So, back to you…

As a coaching firm, we often use the expression, “looking out the windscreen of your business, not the rear view mirror.”

Compliance (tax) work, only deals with the past to give you a historical record of what you did, and tells you how much tax to pay.

In order for our coaches to understand and provide meaningful help to build your business, we need to know what you, and other key decision makers in your business, are trying to achieve in the future.

After you get in touch for that initial hello, “here I am, I need your help and I want to ask you a few questions”, one of the first matters we will need to address is the questionnaire.

After you get in touch with a business coaching professional by clicking here

We will then prepare a report and meet you again to discuss the findings of that questionnaire.

It is important that every decision maker complete it as you may be surprised that your goals do have variances, that is an interesting discovery right there!

So, you have found your way here and you are searching for better help.

Let’s consider some of the positive issues you are dealing with some or all of the following:

  • You have been growing so fast that you are looking to employ more staff
  • You need more space to house your growing stock levels
  • You are looking for some investment advice as you are making so much money
  • You want to sell some of your equity to free up some cash and pay of your debts


More typically though, you are probably at the point where you have endured years of frustration from your current business coach as all they do is tax work when I have all of these stresses and problems to fix.

It is a sad fact that business people put up with this for far too long as he/she is a nice person, they know all my financial background and changing is just a hassle.

Our decades of experience in business coaching for small business owners suggest that some of the frustrations you may experience include:

  • No money to pay bills
  • High staff turnover
  • Poor profits or even losses
  • Bank pressure
  • Working long hours for little pay
  • Lack of direction
  • Too few holidays


If you have fallen into that category of, “most people aim at nothing at hit it with tremendous accuracy”, then let me tell you right now..


Take affirmative action and call our business coaching Melbourne team today. All you have to lose is a little time and perhaps, those nagging stresses you have worked so hard to alleviating yet just have not had the support around you to do so.

We are the business coach Melbourne companies turn to for advice – so contact Accounting Side by Side today!

We look forward to hearing from you!!